Our practice is passionately dedicated to providing excellent, evidence based gynecologic and obstetrical care for women in all stages of life, from adolescent to post-menopause.  We are especially focused on primary care, with services that include well woman examinations, annual gynecologic exams, and a variety of cancer screenings.  Dr. Nagy views and treats each patient like a sister and friend. She provides Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy for a wide variety of conditions.  Dr. Nagy empowers her patients to learn about their conditions and the changes they can make for a healthier lifestyle, and to follow up on recommendations.


When the doctor is with you, she will take as much time as you need to understand conditions, test results, or further actions that need to be taken.  She is not the type of doctor that is in and out before you have all your questions answered.  You have choosen to invest your valuable time in your healthcare, and with Dr. Nagy, this is time well spent.  Many have commented on Dr. Nagy's thoroughness.  Her records reflect this; ensuring for good follow up at subsequent visits.










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